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How to be the ideal client for wedding vendors

It’s the peak of engagement season which means a lot of couples (like you) will be inquiring about the services of wedding vendors. While this may be your first time seeking out the help of professionals, your inquiry will be one of hundreds that fill up the inbox of vendors. So, how can you stand out and be that awesome couple all vendors rave about? What are the Dos and Don’ts of inquiring about wedding services? Read along and check out our #PlanWithAnn tips on how to be the ideal client for wedding vendors!

I hate to break it to ya babe, but you’re not the only one who has a dream team in mind for your special day. During engagement season, you are competing for the attention of wedding vendors that are popular, highly sought out, and very VERY busy. As much as you have the wedding of your dreams all planned out, wedding vendors also have a list of what they consider as dream clients. The good news is, you’ve come to the right place for all the tips and tricks. Not to worry, I got your back!

When inquiring with your dream wedding vendors, follow these 5 simple Dos and Don’t on how to be the ideal client for wedding vendors!

Don’t. Don’t Inquire With Every Single Vendor.
There is no point in messaging 20 photographers, or 12 planners, or 8 florists, etc. etc. This is going to waste everyone’s time. You’re going to get overwhlemed, and you’ll have a difficult time keeping up with all of the correspondence, and it will lead you to doing the thing that vendors hate – ghosting. This is setting yourself up for disaster. Abort mission!

Do. Do your research BEFORE sending inquiries.
Look up vendors that aligns with the style you want. Check out their websites to see if your budget is compatible with their pricing. Look at their portfolio and reviews to see how they work, and what other couples have to say. Narrow down your search to less than 6 vendors of the same category . This will give you a much easier time to make a final decision.

Don’t. Don’t Inquire and Ghost.
Just don’t. This is the #1 pet peeve for most, if not all vendors. If you are no longer interested in their products or services, simply let them know. Don’t leave them hanging. They’re not going to cry about it (well, maybe a little, if they really wanted to work with you, but they’ll understand). They’ll appreciate your honesty, and they’ll be able to release the hold on your date and accept a new inquiry.

Do. Thank them for their time.
If a vendor has taken the time to answer your questions, and send you a proposal or an estimate, thank them for what they’ve done. Most vendors do this complimentary, and it costs them time that they can’t get back. Even if you decide not to hire them, they prefer knowing you found someone else rather than wondering. Thank them for their time, so you can both move on 🙂

Don’t. Don’t send an inquiry over social media.
It’s engagement season, and when it’s not engagement season, it’s wedding season. Just because they’re online, it does not mean they want to ‘work’. They’re online to engage on posts, or to simply scroll.

Do. Reach out via email or fill out the contact form on the website.
Most vendors have a website or an email, and this is how they prefer to be contacted. It makes things easier for everyone to go back into emails, and stay organized. Plus, vendors have a system when it comes to onboarding couples, and it starts with an inquiry on the website or through email.

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Don’t. Don’t inquire until you’re ready.
If you haven’t discussed possible dates, guest list, and your budget, you should not be sending inquiries. Vendors can’t help you make your dream wedding come true, if you don’t give them information to work with.

Do. Do provide as much details as possible.
If contact forms aren’t specific, you at least need to provide: your names, possible dates, venue and vendors you’ve already hired, your budget, and any details you want to share. It helps vendors determine if they would make a great fit for what you have envisioned. The more details, the better. It helps get them excited, too!

Don’t. Don’t waste time, and don’t be disrespectful.
Vendors are busy, and so are you. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding, and while you are planning 1 wedding, vendors are part of 20, 30, 40 weddings a year. They are willing to give you time and attention, so don’t waste it. If you have a meeting or consultation, show up. If you can’t make it, let them know sooner than later.

Do. Be intentional, and be kind.
If vendors give you the opportunity to meet with them, take it. This is the most efficient way to get to know them, and let them know you’re serious about your inquiry. If you’ve followed the steps above, this will be a no brainer, and the time you spend will be worth it. Lastly, be kind. Vendors are humans too. Treat them the way you want to be treated, and it will make the planning journey fun, happy, and like a dream come true!

And there you have it: The Dos and Don’ts of how to be an ideal client for wedding vendors. If you’re looking for help with planning, follow #PlanWithAnn for more tips. And if you want to inquire about our services, click here and let’s chat!

Happy planning!

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