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2020: Oh, What a Year!

Looking back at the end of 2019, I walked into 2020 with so much hope and excitement for the many plans that would unfold for both my personal and professional life as a wedding planner. I’m sure that nobody saw what was coming, and we were all walking in what felt like a muddy forest covered in fog. Ha! Like any year, 2020 had its wins and losses but the impact of either surely stands out in history. In today’s post, I will share what 2020 was like for Ann + Co. and what we look forward to in 2021!

The longest 5 months of the year:
  • For the first time ever, we cancelled our services for a wedding. This happened in late March 2020, right when the pandemic hit our province. We knew very little about COVID-19, and we simply couldn’t risk everyone’s health.
  • In April, we created a video for our couples along with 50 vendors in the industry. Check it out here!
  • All of our couples from our original 2020 roster postponed their weddings. At first, it was heartbreaking. But it enabled me to open up some dates to meet some of you!
  • At the end of May, we planned our first wedding of the year for Adrienne and Kyle! It was a very special ceremony at St. Vital Park.
Summer Months:
  • In June, we welcomed Ric and Jariet to our roster. We planned their wedding 3 times in 4 weeks, and as a result, we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone! (stay tuned for this blog post!)
  • In July, we created a dream team of vendors for an All Inclusive Wedding Package! This was geared towards couples that wanted to get married with up to 50 guests. It was certainly the perfect dosage of weddings to help me with my planning fix! I will be blogging about each one in the weeks to come!
  • In August, we added a feature to our services and we now offer a custom QR Code for all of our events! In addition to being a safety feature, this helps us with contact tracing, if needed.
  • When September rolled in, I got angry. At the way things were, and the inconsistencies of the rules our province had about gatherings, and weddings.
The last 3 months:
  • In October, gatherings were down to 10, so we had to pivot several times! We changed gear for 3 of our couples. Two of them are celebrating the reception whenever we’re able to do so, and our last couple of the year…
  • Yeisell and Valentin.. said ‘I do’ in a limo! In addition, they had the most romantic celebration in their home with their closest family and friends.
  • At the end of November, I shifted my focus on our sister company Parasayo for a Holiday Popup! I created custom hand-lettered ornaments, and accepted orders for about 3 weeks, and had so much fun!
  • I spent the remainder of the year taking a holiday break! And I enjoyed every second of it! 

Throughout the year, I connected with my fellow planners and vendors, trained some staff one-on-one, updated the backend of the biz (website, list of preferred vendors, client files, contracts, etc.). As a result, I feel more confident in my team to provide safer, and more creative events! I also welcomed several new couples to our 2021 and 2022 roster, and I could not be more grateful for the continued business!

Thank you, 2020!

In summary, 2020 was the year I didn’t know I needed! I was so used to being on-the-go, from one meeting to another, planning one event to the next, I did not realize that slowing down was actually an option. (I’m sure other planners would agree, hehe.) My favourite lesson from the year would be realizing how important it is to be intentional – with my presence, my time, my energy, and who I share it with.  Moving forward, applying these lessons will will surely help me serve my couples. Above all, I am reminded to take better care of myself and my staff!

Hello, 2021!

2021 is here, and there’s so much to look forward to! There are goals to accomplish and there are plans to unfold. There are updates to share in the upcoming weeks, and you can expect to see more blog posts! Among the many lessons learned, I know that nothing is more important than love. I am most looking forward to celebrating love with all my couples this year! I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2020, and I know that many good things are on the way this year!

Thank you and Goodbye, 2020. Hello 2021!

with love,

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