The best way forward is together.

“We are living in unprecedented times” is a phrase that has become so familiar in the news lately, that going a day without it comes as a surprise to me. Our daily routines have been put on pause, and a new normal is what we must learn to adapt to.

Industries around the world cannot function like business as usual – and the Wedding Industry is no exception. As a planner, I’ve learned to expect what could go wrong on wedding day based on what I know about my couples. In all my years of planning, nothing in my experience could ever prepare me for this – and I’m sure others feel the same. There was no contingency plan in place for a pandemic.

Since the first case of COVID-19 was announced where I live (Winnipeg, Manitoba), I have been thinking about the impact it would have on my couples, and the vendor friends I work with. I’ve built my company on the belief that collaborations create the best celebrations, and creating this video was no exception.

Seeing this come together was an event in itself – writing the message, collaborating with as many vendors and asking them to take part (no matter what role they play), assigning the lines accordingly, getting them to record the videos, asking their families to join, receiving them in a timely manner, directing the final cut as it was being edited and stitched together, finding the right song – as it took place all within 5 days. 

If your wedding plans have been put on hold because of this pandemic, and if you are a vendor in the wedding industry, this video was created for you. Though we may not know when we’ll get to go back to doing what we love at weddings, we do know this pandemic will end. Until then, take comfort that you’re not in this alone. We are thinking of you. We will get through this, and the best way forward is together.

The best way forward is together.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who took part. Though they are credited in the video, I would also like to acknowledge them here (in order of appearance). We have so many talented vendors in Manitoba! Please reach out to them if you are looking for help with your wedding!

May this video give you as much hope, love and light that it gave me in putting it together. Planning is what we do best, so send me a message if you need any help!

With love,
Linger Ann

Fun facts:
Written on March 31, 2020
Vendor sign up April 1, 2020
Assigned lines on April 2, 2020
Video submitted by April 3, 2020
Editing on April 4, 2020
Final cut on April 5, 2020
Published on April 6, 2020