The Ann + Co. Story / The Ann + Co. Story

Life is wild, and moments should be celebrated.

I’m glad you’re here.

However you got here, stay awhile and let me share my story…

I’ve spent the last 8 years planning weddings, but I’ve been planning events my whole life. From bake sales in elementary, to student council functions in high school, and raising funds to create a bursary for post-secondary students while in University, I took planning seriously.

I’m a big-picture girl, and I enjoy seeing the pieces of the puzzle come together. It is rewarding to see happy couples on their special day, while being fully immersed and present in the moment.

Outside of weddings and events, I spend my days planning dinner dates for my fiance and I, looking up the newest restaurants to check out with my siblings, and searching for what movies are out in theatres to see with them and our parents.

I love flowers, coffee, and above all, I AM IN LOVE with creating magic for people that appreciate and value what we bring to the table. So if that’s you, I’d love to chat. Let’s see if we’d make a great fit together!

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