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We are planners of curated details for big-picture moments. We believe that collaborations create the best celebrations.
Meet the team behind all the magic of Ann + Co. Weddings and Events.

We want to meet you!

Meet Linger Ann

Owner and Lead Planner

Linger is the Owner and Lead Planner of Ann + Co. She has a passion for creativity, learning, and service. She values the time and effort that go into each event, because she believe it is in the planning that truly allow for special moments to happen. When she isn’t planning, Linger loves to sit in the quiet and write. Her most favourite place to be is Chapters, because it holds three of her favourite things: coffee, books, and people. Linger is so grateful to be doing what she loves, and she looks forward to collaborating, creating, and celebrating with you!

Two truths and a lie about Linger:
– She is allergic to kiwi
– She wanted to be a chef growing up
– Her current inspiration is Anna Wintour

What is Linger’s favourite moment during a wedding or event?
When she sees her clients being present in the moment

Say hi to Janis!

Lead Coordinator

Janis is one of the kindest human beings you’ll ever come across. She has a heart of gold – always willing to lend a hand while smiling! She enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids, making crafts, and watching movies.

Two truths and a lie about Janis:
– She has been a licensed hairstylist for 11 years
– She used to dance as a child
– She is an only child

What does Janis love most about being part of Ann + Co.?
Being able to help people’s dream weddings come true!

Say hello to June!

Lead Coordinator

June is pursing a Registered Nursing degree at the University of St. Boniface. Her positive energy is contagious, especially during weddings and events. She isn’t afraid to take initiative or to step out of her comfort zone. June likes to study, look for new restaurants, watch movies, and travel.

Two truths and a lie about June:
– She was born in Australia
– She is 5′ 5″
– She has a mild (severe) addition to bubble tea

What does June love most about being part of Ann + Co.?
Work doesn’t feel like work, and Linger values the thoughts and opinions of the team.

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